As a part of our fully equipped, climate-controlled quality lab, Sunlight-Tech, Inc utilizes various technology to provide accurate, precise measurements. We provide Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) inspection services to verify that your machined parts are the precise geometry that they should be.

Our equipment includes:

- Contact and vision CMM system (Zeiss O-INSPECT 543)
- Keyence XMseries CMM
- Keyence VHX-6000 digital microscope with dual objective zoom lens (20x to 2000x).

Keyence XM Series CMM

The Keyence XM Series CMM helps with measuring and CAD comparisons. Sunlight-Tech, Inc. can accurately measure and inspect parts in order to create a detailed inspection.


Keyence VHX-6000 Digital Microscope

Sunlight-Tech, Inc. utilizes an all-in-one microscope that incorporates observation, image capture, and measurement capabilities. This high-quality microscope allows Sunlight-Tech, Inc. to instantly focus on machined parts.


Zeiss O-INSPECT 543

The ZEISS O-INSPECT combination of the ZEISS Discovery.V12 telecentric zoom lens, the adaptive illumination system and the ZEISS DotScan chromatic-confocal white light sensors allow the non-contact capturing of workpiece topography. ZEISS VAST XXT is a highly accurate touch sensor that catches a large amount of points in a single pass, generating insightful statements on shape and position. The fusion of these sensors is a real multi-sensor calculating unit.

Keyence VK-X1000

The 3D laser scanning microscope makes it possible for us to scan and measure any sample easily. With nanometer-level resolution on any material or form, this laser microscope can perform non-contact profile, roughness, and film thickness measurements.